Get to know what Neighbours star Jackie Woodburne had to say on Finn Kelly’s return

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Susan Kennedy, a neighbouring legend, challenges her last week using a technique of visualisation to get answers about Finn Kelly.

Susan decided to assist Olivia Bell in writing a new Finnish crime novel, but this means a lot of painful memory dragging up.

Susan attempts to ‘see’ him and asks him questions about Finn’s actions, with so much still unanswered. For these memorable scenes, Rob Mills took back his villainous role as Finn.

He has been asked how he feels that this revisiting of the Finnish tale?

“This is awesome. It was such a big story, and the public reacted so strongly to it for the first time, so it was a brilliant idea to revisit it. “The plot was also brilliant in terms of the writers’ plot. But Susan tries to view him, to answer the unanswered questions since Finn has died.” Finn is not a ghost and hallucination,” he said.

When did you realise that Rob Mills returned to play these scenes?

“The producers invited me and told me about the premise of the plot in advance. They gave me a thorough overview of what they intended to do. I was informed that Olivia was returning to town because she wanted another version of her book to be published. That then turned into Finn’s screen springboard. It was a slow burn script since we had scenes with Olivia a few weeks before Finn came back. So there was a pretty good, powerful composition,” he mentioned.

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When asked how was the experience of working with Rob again, he said, “It was great. Rob and I had such a brilliant time doing the original Finn story. We had a lot of fun together. We both knew it was a big storyline and the audience response to it was so great. We were very, very happy to have an opportunity to do it all again, but this time from a slightly different perspective.”

The interview went on for a longer time, and they spoke a lot more about the story and plot, which was very interesting.


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