Ghost hunter reportedly found spirit of Tiger King’s husband


The star of the “Ghost Adventures”, a TV show, says he investigated Joe Exotic’s former zoo,  and found the restless ghost of his late husband. 

Zak Bagans hosts various paranormal detectives series, told that he encountered the spirit of Travis Maldonado, who died of an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Bagans said that he was 100 percent sure “that Travis Maldonado’s spirit was there, he’s trying to send messages out.” A spooky investigation was conducted of the former Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, a tracking tool that led ghost hunters to a phantom-like figure that revealed the startling truth, he said.

Bagans informed us “We captured a figure on a device that we use… and this figure was pointing at something in a closet. That directed us to go look in that closet. And when we looked on the top shelf we found an item that belonged to Travis.”

Bagans stated he wholeheartedly believes Maldonado, who suffered from drug addiction before his death at age 23, has some unfinished business.

According to Bagans, Travis  doesn’t want to leave this place. He met an accidental death and still has some unfinished business. Bagans also said that Travis wanted to convey some messages to us.

“I believe that there is an underlying residual energy attached to this place, particularly in this area called the Back 40,” he said.

He directed one statement to Carole that, “Carole Baskin, if you are watching this… I ask you, please, let us come investigate your property.” 


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