Ghost Nation: Travel Channel to Air New Episodes and Halloween Reunion Special


There is good news for ghost lovers around the world. A paranormal reality TV series from Travel Channel named ‘Ghost Nation’ is coming up with its third season this October. 

So, the upcoming October is going to be Ghostober. The series will make a return on October 17, 2020, with an additional two hours special reunion episode.

Shari DeBenedetti will join the paranormal investigator’s team that includes Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, and Dev Tango. Travel Channel has promised that season three will be full of hysterical mysteries.

Halloween Reunion Episode

The TV series has announced a special two hours reunion episode to be aired on 31st October, on Halloween. 

The paranormal investigators have made their mind to celebrate the Halloween this year with the two hours special reunion episode titled ‘Reunion in Hell’. Reunion means the team of Ghost nation is going to reunite with Kindred Spirits Amy Bruni and Adam Berry. 

The team will reunite for the crossover event which flags that they are all going to team up for the first time since working on Syfy’s Ghost Hunters.

The team members have made multiple comments.

According to Hawes, they are euphoric for the sequel as they are going to do what they love and this time they have some very interesting stories to share.

 On talking about Amy and Adam, he said that they felt good, they were able to reunite with Amy and Adam again after a long period of ten years. It seemed like the time was stopped until we met and now, we rolled directly into investigation and gathered some mind-blowing stuff again.

What more you should know?

Gonsalves said that working with Amy and Adam was phenomenal, as they expected the investigation was a blast. It was really interesting combining the techniques and it truly yielded some fantastic outcomes.

The show is pretty excited for its Halloween special ‘Reunion in Hell’ and so are the viewer. The team will investigate a mansion on Rhode Island where the reports of paranormal activities are registered. 

Dev Tango confirmed that the viewers of Ghost Nation will see the same faces again, he teased by saying the faces will be familiar to you. Moreover, he said that we want more people to catch the Ghost Nation, he is thankful that he is a part of such a helpful team where everyone wants to do his/her best.


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