Gigi Hadid is Pregnant: Zayn Malik – Father-to-be Reacts to the Adorable Baby Bump


Gigi Hadid’s pregnancy is certainly not the news of the day. Well, the couple Gigi and Zayn Malik announced to having a baby together on April 29th, 2020. Guess what, fans are always excited to know more about their favorite celebrity’s lifestyle, and personal stuff at times.

Oh yes, we know it has been more than 2 months we got the news, however, here we are to bring you latest on Gigi Hadid showing off her cute baby bump in her recent Instagram LIVE. She’s certainly excited about the pregnancy and could resist to unbutton her shirt and turning on a side to give the fans a sneak peek of her belly bump smilingly saying, “There’s my belly, y’all”. Well, her excitement certainly adds on when she further explained that the belly bump is majorly visible from a side pose rather than the front.

Zayn Malik’s Reactions to Gigi’s Pregnancy 

Zayn Malik, the famous English singer and songwriter, has certainly been on the seventh heaven after knowing about Gigi’s pregnancy. Off course, he’s a father-to-be and is all over the moon. Reports say, that he’s just smiling at times to the fact to control his excitement and pulling himself together. Although, after Gigi’s recent Instagram LIVE or since the couple announced that they’re pregnant, Zayn has been giving Gigi a royal princess like treatment since the news has been out. Well, we are sure that Zayn will make a good father.

Gigi Hadid is Pregnant: Zayn Malik – Father-to-be Reacts to the Adorable Baby Bump

Why did Gigi delay in the belly bump being not visible?

Well, we know that this has been controversial since the couple announced Gigi’s pregnancy, however, Gigi sensibly explained in her Instagram LIVE that her pregnancy was more of a personal thing and off course not the end of the world.

She further added to it by mentioning the given situations like the global pandemic and BLM movement, it was sensible enough to keep the personal stuff a little private, however, had to show-up on Instagram LIVE considering this was all over the internet and Social Media.

She further added that given the current situations, it was certainly not the time to have gone blabbering about her pregnancy. That’s quiet sensible of her! Adding that she has been writing and sharing her feelings more in her journal for now, to ensure that she is not missing to record any experience of these moments.

When is little Gigi or Little Zayn due?

Yolana Hadid, Gigi’s mother hinted the baby to be due in September, which is certainly not far enough for the fans to finally see the glimpse of little Gigi or little Zayn.

Well, as the couple has been receiving blessing from the fans around the world, we wish them an awesome parenthood and lots of love!


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