Gigi Hadid round as a ball: she finally shows her XXXL belly


Gigi Hadid is currently expecting her first baby and, unlike other celebrity ladies, is more reluctant to provide pictures and information. But now there was finally a lot of baby bump content.

The fans have been waiting eagerly for this. Although there has been a glimpse of her stomach in the past, Gigi Hadid has now posted a whole series of photos.

Rumor! Rumor!

Together with her on-off friend Zayn Malik, the model is expecting offspring for the first time. After weeks of rumors, the sweet baby news was finally confirmed.

Since then, fans of the two have been hoping to finally catch a glimpse of their growing baby bump. Gigi finally showed herself in a video.

Gigi Hadid: “An angel grows up.”

But now there are finally more photos because apparently, the model has done a real baby bump shoot and proudly presents the result on Instagram.

In several black-and-white pictures, Gigi poses in a transparent tunic and shows off her stomach very well. She wrote: “An angel grows up!”, Well, that sounds like Gigi and Zayn would-be parents to a daughter! Wow, that is great news. Fans are surely excited.

On-off relationship with Zayn Malik

Gigi and Zayn have a classic on-off relationship. In March 2018, the two first announced their separation. After that, they were seen together again and again.

After they had pulled together again, they are said to have also separated in early 2019. At the beginning of 2020, they finally got back together and crowned their love with a baby

Gigi, certainly has been a little emotional with all the blessings coming across from the fans, we wish them luck and blessings to the angel growing up

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