Giri/Haji season2: will there be a season 2?


Giri/Haji( in Japanese which means “Duty/shame”) is a British originated crime thriller T.V. series which aired its first season BBC news in the U.K. on October 17, 2019. It was also released on Netflix in January 2020. Created and Written by Joe Barton, directed by Julian Farino and Ben Chessell, The series is set in London and Tokyo with Dialogues written in English and Japanese.

For those who have not watched the season 1, here is a little synopsis:

The story revolves around a Tokyo detective named Kenzo Mori who flews to London in search of his brother who was previously assumed Dead. His brother was accused of killing a Nephew of a criminal society named Yakuza. Kenzo begins his search in the streets of London to find out whether his brother is alive or dead. during the search, he comes across many people such as Sarah who works in police, and Rodney who is a sex worker. Kenzo’s search makes him come in contact with the various underworld criminal elements of London.

Giri/Haji season2: will there be a season 2?

Will, there be a season 2? and what are its release details? and could be the plot?

The season 1 of Giri/Haji was released with a total of 8 episodes and has received a humongous review since its release. Seeing the reviews, Netflix also released the series on its platform. The series received a rating of 7.9 on IMDb and 100% rotten tomatoes from critics. due to this huge response, Fans are eagerly waiting for a season 2 announcement.

Saying of season 2, there have no official announcements been made by Netflix and BBC on the details of the renewal or release of season 2 of Giri/Haji. Since season 1 released in 2020, 2021 is looking like a possible year for the release of season 2. since every episode of the series is of the length ranging 50-60 min, so it could be the reason for the delay. the expectation that the series could be renewed in September or in the end of 2020. 

If the release is renewed what could be the possible plot?

Since the search for the detective’s brother is still going on and there is no conclusion of his brother being dead or alive, we could see the conclusion of Yuto, and in fact, it is also possible that we get to see Yuto in season 2. Till then the search of the detective will still be going on. other updates could be known if there will be a release announcement.

In view of the cast, maximum cast will we retake from last season which includes: Takehiro Hira, Yosuke Kabozuka, Kelly Macdonald, Masahiro Motoki. there might be some newcomers, but their names and characters are still a mystery. till then stay tuned with us for more updates! Adios.


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