Glee star Heather Morris and Lea Michele controversy

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Heather Morris, a Glee star, discussed a former co-behavior star’s behavior on the Fox show set. Several cast members claimed last year that Lea Michele was difficult to work with, and Morris also tweeted that Michele was “unpleasant.” Michele apologized for what she did and apologized for “any pain that may have resulted.” She had learned a lot in order to “assist the people in dealing with the injustices.” She went on to say that she herself used the opportunity to “reflect on [her] own shortcomings.”

Morris expanded on his tweet to explain what Michele was all about to work with from her perspective. Podcast Iconic with Danny Pellegrino. Morris has been putting out work. “‘Guys, she’s pregnant, and this is all nonsense,’ I say, and it’s true. I’m not sure if we were bullied victims, but blaming yourself is a common victim reaction… But it’s also true, and Naya [Rivera] was the only one to admit it. And something on the screen was kept very quiet.”

Source: E! Online

Morris also stated that TV culture is changing and that it’s difficult to talk about how uncomfortable it is right now, and that society is still learning how to be better advocates.

“We could’ve taken the initiative and gone to Fox executives and told them how we felt, but nobody did.” We now live in a culture where such things are acceptable, whereas I believe many people were terrified.

“I honestly didn’t feel at home here. And because I’ve been cast like everyone else, I’m not sure why, and we’re all worth feeling at ease with.” Michele responded to her former cast members’ allegations on Instagram, saying she had learned about her privileges.

“One of the most important lessons from recent weeks has been that we must take the time to hear and understand what other people are thinking, how to play a role, or whatever we can do to help them address their injustices.” Michele put pen to paper.

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