God of War 5 PS4 & Xbox – Release Date, Storyline and All You Need to Know About It!


God of War is very popular name among the adventure enthusiasts. First 4 seasons have been gaining huge popularity in all over the world. After ending 4 successful seasons, now fans are waiting for its next season. Naturally, the excitement has been mounting among the players, because release date of God of war 5 has come closer. Initially it was understood that in this season God of War fans will enjoy Kratos’ latest adventure.  There is a curiosity among the fans whether the series will be available on the PlayStation or release on the Xbox One or Xbox 360. 

Release Updates for God of War

Being one of the oldest, trusted and popular video game series, God of War has given several releases. The game has got a huge number of hits in video game market. After releasing its last game on 2018, no game of God of War has come yet. Fans are eagerly waiting though. Surveying the market demand, the creators want to make the new game more adventurous, more colorful and more action packed.  Now the question is that, when will the game release. Fans may have to wait for a little while due to the COVID-19 situation. Though it has not been confirmed officially, according to a close source, we can expect the game will be in the platform in late 2020 or early 2021.  This report is very close to the reality. It is highly likely that the game is under development. 

God of War 5 PS4 & Xbox – Release Date, Storyline and All You Need to Know About It!

God of War 5 Platforms

Report says after releasing on PlayStation, God of War 5 will also be coming on Xbox series and Windows. Creators have also confirmed it. Fans can install the game very easily from play station once it is released officially.

What will be the storyline of God of War 5?

Fans were enjoying a lot of new twists in previous seasons so now let’s see what Season 4 has to offer us. Creators are not releasing the casting data of the movie as of its release date. Actually, they did not want to release any information about the movie. Kratos is the main character of God of War series. So he will be return definitely on season 5th. It is expected that we can enjoy more graphics and upgraded technology with more colorful character on this latest season.

Stay tune for updates!

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