God of War Season 5 Latest Announcements


Created as an action-adventure game by David Jaffe at Sony studios situated in Santa Monica is now is one of the top-rated games on PlayStation with eight matches across many programs. It narrates a story of a Spartan warrior called Karts who had to kill his loved ones obeying his master’s, one of the twelve Olympians, Kratos; The Greek God of War Ares. A series of events lead to wars with Roman temple disciples and believers called Pantheons. Kratos wants to avenge his master. Then we have other Olympians coming after him and in the age of Norse mythology, Atreus will be brought in. 

A revolution was created in the gaming industry by this game over PS2 and it is awaited to take us on a roller costar ride with its next season though the dates and anything related to release of the same is yet to be revealed. What we can expect in the new season is brand new arsenal with more speed and accuracy.

God of War Season 5 Latest Announcements

 The creative unit of the team is developing new war tools which can be made active and acquired with powers. Players get the option of attacking four times because of the powers of a God game but the fifth attack would definitely have its effect.

It took a little while and time to create the game for PS4 and season five is going through a development stage as of now. We can expect a delay because of the world going through a difficult time of pandemic Corona Virus. Everything has been put on hold till an indefinite time in the future we can assume that we might get to see the next season somewhere in late 2020 or 2021.

Season five of God of War should boot from where the last season concluded where we saw Kratos casts a spell over Spartan warrior and scheming murder of his loved ones which the warrior would settle scores for. How he would do that and what weapons will he use would be interesting to watch in the game.

Till then stay safe at home in this halted world situation.!


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