Godzilla: Singular Point Season 2 Release Date, Characters!

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It is being observed that Netflix is making all the efforts in expanding its market internationally. The streamer has started adding international shows and that includes a variety of anime shows for the fans. ‘Godzilla: Singular Point’ is one such example of the original anime which is now on Netflix. In the march of 2021, the viewers saw weekly airing of this anime in Japan only on Netflix and soon after Japan the series aired in the U.S. in the previous month of the year 2021. The first season of the series was a huge success and now the fans are eager to see more of this anime classic. The first season of the series saw the arrival of monsters which seem to be triggered by the broadcasting of a song which appears to be quite mysterious. Not to forget the rapidly evolving version of Godzilla which came into view. To unravel the mystery at the center of all this disaster, the group of core cast characters are trying to avert the prophesied catastrophe which could mean the end of the world.

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The fans are anticipating a second season of the series but no announcements have been made by Netflix regarding the release date of Season-2. Although, there is no such official announcement about its second season, the fans have already made their mind that the Season-2 of the series will definitely be there. On the other hand, Netflix will first observe the responses in the weeks ahead before making any decision on further seasons. Given the groundwork which has already been laid in the season-1 and the production team work, confirms that there is a major possibility for the Season-2 of ‘Godzilla: Singular Point’. It can be predicted that if the renewal is approved then the fans will get to see the second season as early as 2022 or early 2023.

Speaking of the cast of Season-2… well it is quite impossible for now to say about the cast and what else will be in Season-2 but given the story of the season-1, it can be predicted that most of the characters will be returning back for the second season of the series. The first season of the series pretty much wrapped the entire show at the end where Jet Jaguar revealed that he is the key to avoid all the destruction and was able to stop Godzilla. But, when the post-credit scenes rolled, the scene teased the creation of a Mechagodzilla which is being built by Ashihara, the scientist who predicted the catastrophe. It can be said that this might be the plot for Season-2 of the series, showing the development of new monsters and maybe the return of defeated Godzilla.

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