Godzilla Vs. Kong broke another record with its theatrical release

Courtesy: Forbes

Godzilla vs. Kong’s two-hour long runtime seems to have gotten waste to the Hong Kong skyline. However, there’s something more special bestowed upon the much-awaited theatrical release that seems to have just broken a record to make one for itself.

The movie showcases the magnificent fight between two titans who plan on to take down one another before teaming up against the out of control titan Mechagodzilla who is actually man-made. It was initially scheduled to release sometime during the Fall of 2020 but COVID-19 spoiled it for the production house as well as for the highly-anticipating fans.

Theaters were closed due to the growing COVID-19 cases and therefore, the release was moved to a much later date than the scheduled, resulting in its 2021 release. A ray of hope was seen after theaters began reopening with the rising instances of vaccination drives which ultimately led the MonsterVerse marvel to pave the way to the multiplex.

Courtesy: Screen Rant

The film is now a favorite, setting a new pandemic box office record of grossing a total of $60 million in its opening weeks. The number is quite fascinating and considering that the movie is just one of the many Warner Bros. blockbusters which released at the specified date and time on the HBO Max, it is all very much impressive. 

The fact that people are trying to make this movie successful by risking their lives and enjoying the experience is theaters is in itself a great achievement for the crew and the cast. This definitely shows that theaters being closed down for a long time will never be a negative factor for movies which possess the potential of getting the best on screen. The audience is smart enough to choose between the most amazing experience on a mobile device or a TV screen or that on a full-fledged theatre screen!


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