Godzilla VS Kong: How These Two Franchise Will Come Together?


The box office is all set for a boom. Yes, Godzilla Vs Kong is ready to hit the screen. After an amazing start for both demon characters, they are ready to face each other soon. The name of the upcoming series clearly figures out this would be the disastrous part with a precise combination of action and thrill. The upcoming 4th part will answer out many left behind unanswered questions. From the last series, fans are expecting something more from this part and probably this will achieve bigger milestones.

Official Release Date  

The official release date earlier decided to be on May 29, but after a few conferences and interviews, it was rescheduled to March 13. 

But later pandemic came out to postpone the release date and hence, it has been rescheduled to November 20 in 2020. There is no official update about any further update on the date or month till now, but from various sources and interviews, it might be assumed to see this blockbuster at the end of this year or in early 2021.

Godzilla VS Kong: How These Two Franchise Will Come Together?

Expected Cast in Godzilla vs Kong 

There’s no news or tweet about any final cast team, but some faces are fixed and we are likely to see them. Alexander Skarsgàrd, Millie Bobby Brown as Madison Russell, Kyle Chandler as Dr., Mark Russell, Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry Shun Oguri, and Esau González. Any further modification in the list of casting unit is yet not confirmed, we will update it once we get some news related to this.

How These Two Franchise Will Come Together? 

Godzilla vs Kong is an assortment of two franchises. According to the past record its 12th film of the King Kong franchise and 36th film of Godzilla franchise.

 In this part, three rivals are fighting for their dignity. Godzilla will try to vanish Kong and the same we are expecting from Kong, but mankind is going to fight with both the demons for their stature and life. This will be the most ode battle in Hollywood and as no-one is going toons backfoot. It would be a big boom to the box office with two enormous giants fight in the massive city of skyscrapers.


There is no trailer out yet for Godzilla vs Kong. As due to too many reschedule one after another no trailer is expected one month before the release date. The final trailer will make it more clear who’s going to win.


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