The movie about the biggest and meanest monsters of all time ‘Gozilla Vs Kong’ will hit the theaters in May of 2021 and to flare things up Warner Bros. has revealed the logo for the movie. Here is all you would like to know on the same.


 The logo was revealed by Warner Bros. in their movies slate announcement of 2021. The logo features the blue color theme of Godzilla on the left hand side and the orange color theme of Kong on the right hand side. The names of the two monsters have been written in 3D block letters with a dash of metallic grey on the left hand side of the letters and a dash of gold on the right hand side of the letters. The name of Godzilla has been written on the top while that of Kong on the bottom.

The story of the movie will be basic that the two monsters will collide and one of them will come on the top of the other. There was a rumor that the two monsters will team up to defeat another stronger monster but that was rumor only. The logo is the first thing that has come out officially regarding the movie. A teaser and trailer for the same are yet to come as things were delayed by COVID 19. You can watch the logo and glimpses of other Warner Bros. movies at


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