Good Girls cancelled – Why season 5 isn’t coming?

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The Good Girls is no longer in the counterfeit money business, according to TVLine, which reports that NBC has cancelled the dramedy after four seasons.

No season 5 for Good Girls?

The network and studio Universal Television were hoping to bring the program back for a shortened fifth and final season to wrap up the tale, but the financials didn’t work out, according to insiders. We’ve also been assured that the sitcom would not be moved to a new home, including Netflix (where the first three seasons performed like gangbusters).

The next five episodes will run on Thursdays at 9 p.m. on the network, with the final two including the series finale showing on July 22.

Good Girls – Series synopsis

Three suburban mothers get themselves in well over their heads laundering money for a deadly crime boss in Good Girls. In Season 4, Beth (Christina Hendricks) eventually met the business partners behind Rio’s (Manny Montana) enterprise, as the ladies were caught in the crossfire between the criminal family and secret service operatives Phoebe (Lauren Lapkus) and Dave (David Schwimmer) (Jonathan Silverman). Meanwhile, Dean (Matthew Lillard) went in and out of prison as the ladies’ unwitting fall man, and later pursued a new business venture that was just as murky as the ladies’ side hustle. Retta and Mae Whitman also appeared in the film.

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Goodbye to Good Girls series

The Good Girls are having a horrible day. The NBC comedy-drama, starring Christina Hendricks, Retta, and Mae Whitman as three friends who become involved in a life of crime in order to improve their bank accounts, has been cancelled. The series, which is available on Netflix in the United Kingdom, is nearing the end of its fourth and final season. On social media, Hendricks, who plays Beth, paid gratitude to the fans. Saying:

So according Nielsen’s streaming rankings, the crime caper was the most-watched piece of content on Netflix in the United States three weeks prior to the premiere of its fourth season, according to a The Hollywood Reporter article retweeted by Retta back in March, three weeks prior to the premiere of its fourth season.

It went on to say that, while on-air viewership was “small,” Good Girls had acquired substantial traction on digital platforms through “delayed viewing and in-season streaming,” which is nothing new. Traditional television has mainly suffered as a result of the golden era of streaming.

However, the ratings loss at NBC is clear, as Whitman acknowledged in May when she posted the following appeal on Instagram:

There was some optimism that Netflix might pick it up, but that didn’t happen, and Universal Television will not be bringing it to market, thus Good Girls has truly come to an end.

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