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Google has launched a new approach to secure the mobile devices running on their android OS. The company uses a multi pronged approach where the device will get updates every month related to security. The company also has a Vulnerability Rewards Program through which the company updates security patches of the android devices. Also, the company is trying hard measures to make sure that their devices are safe from all the vulnerabilities.

The Vulnerabilities that are received through the VRP program are provided to security engineers of the company to analyse them and find out the root cause of how it came in the system.

The company can’t just rely on the vulnerability reports as researchers might also couldn’t see the areas where there are vulnerabilities. There are also tools available which helps in finding out bugs easily. But those are not enough, the company can’t just rely on them and make sure that everything is going great. So, the company also has internal teams which analyse those parts of the system which were less scrutinised and much problems could not be identified in those areas. The company does that to make sure that other areas are also free from any bugs.

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Though, other than all those measures, the company also uses automatic fuzzers which helps the system in making sure that all the bugs found will be fixed soon.

As per the reports about vulnerabilities by Android Security Bulletins in 2019, around 59 percent of the vulnerabilities were accounted for by memory bugs while 21 percent belonged to permission bypass. Though, the company is trying all the possible measures to prevent such bugs from happening, it’s encouraging their programmers to use safe options like Java.

The company is really working hard to reduce all the vulnerabilities to break your echo chamber. and make sure that it’s complete security just like the Apple devices.


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