Gorgeous Head of Communications at Solstice Studios and if u want to know who she is, then come along with me!


The gorgeous beautiful lady, Terry Curtin joined the Solstice Studios as an executive of communications. She is a veteran executive and held tops jobs at the number of major Hollywood Studios over several years in both communications and marketing.

Earlier, she was heading the marketing departments at both Revolution and Relativity Studios. Moreover, she acquired various top positions at DreamWorks Animation, STX Entertainment, Fox, Disney, and so on. 

Curtin replaces Elisa Greer and report to Vincent Bruzzese and overtake all aspects of film publicity as well as corporate communications for the company. In an interview, Bruzzese states that Curtin is a world-class executive and they feel fortunate to have her in their industry. 

In too difficult hardcore scenarios also, duo Bruzzese and Curtin worked together tremendously and delivered an excellent campaign for Unhinged, and not only that, but they also led two entertainment agencies, Intralink and Cimmaron. 

And like Unhinged, they also give successful campaigns like The Boss Baby, The Gift, The Fast and Furious, How to Train Your Dragon, The Hidden World, The Grinch, Mulan, The Mummy, American Gangster, A Bug’s Life, Bombshell, The Academy award-winning A Beautiful Mind and so on. 

Solstice Studios is an independent movie company founded by Mark Gill in October 2018 and situated in Los Angeles. Solstice decided to produce 4 to movies every year globally but maybe this plan will not gonna implement in the pandemic year 2020 because this pandemic has spoiled each and everyone’s system awfully.

 This company also has a partnership with Ingenious Media and plans to co-finance 1-2 films per year fir wide US distribution.

To know more about the upcoming members in the fab film industries, stay in touch and safe!


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