Gossip Girl reveals when season 1B will be officially aired!


HBO Max has announced that Gossip Girl will return in November, airing the last six episodes of the new series. The first six episodes of the remake began airing on July 8 and are now available to watch on HBO Max. The series will not be accessible to see in the UK until “later this year,” when it will be broadcast on BBC One and iPlayer.

“A fresh crop of stunning Manhattan private-schoolers to Gossip Girl’s all-seeing eye,” according to the Gen Z remake of the millennial classic CW series. The new series examines “just how much social media – and the environment of New York itself – has altered” after her blog went silent in 2012.

The series received mixed reviews at first, with critics complimenting the “skilled ensemble” and admitting that it had the “potential” to rival the original. While it has been praised for providing more varied representation, some reviewers have termed it “fundamentally empty at the heart.”

Fans were skeptical of the writers’ choice to reveal who Gossip Girl is this season right away rather than leave viewers wondering. It was dubbed “nonsensical” by one critic. The new adaptation of the mid-2000s show is still based on Cecily von Ziegesar’s original novel, with a script written by Joshua Safran, who also worked on the original series.

While none of the original cast members returned for the relaunch, one familiar character–Georgina Sparks’ son Milo, who was born at the end of season four –has already returned to the Upper East Side. Kristen Bell, who narrates the series as the voice of ‘Gossip Girl,’ was the only key cast member to return. In the United States, Gossip Girl airs on HBO Max, and in the United Kingdom, it will air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer later this year.

Cast members

One or two actors from the hit show spoke out to Dazed about the future. There are two seasons planned for 2020 and 2021, according to Emily Alyn Lind. “These topics must be discussed, but they must also be portrayed as regular issues faced by children. Rather than being something fresh and interesting to talk about, it just exists. Normalizing things that were formerly forbidden or unusual is the goal.”

“Jordan Alexander” was also on the list of participants. “It’s acceptable to be yourself, whether you’re queer or straight. Because we’re all just ordinary humans who happen to exist together. What people do is what they want to do.”

As observed by Whitney Peak, the new Gossip Girl will have a far more diverse cast than the original series. It has a lot of representation, which I don’t think we saw in the previous one,” she remarked. “It’s a lot of fun to watch,” she said. People who look like you and who share your interests can be found in entertainment since it’s so influential and reflects the times.” He describes his role as someone who is “figuring things out sexually,” according to model Evan Mock, who is set to make his acting debut in the remake.


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