Gravitation_ Does the Boys Love ‘Classic’ Hold Up (at All), 20 Years Later


Gravitation: Classic for boys love?

Gravitation, is a Japanese Yaoi (slang word for homosexual relationships between men) anime series, premiered in 2001.This anime series was based on the book series of the same name written and illustrated by Mayi Murakami. 

The plot follows the story of a young boy, Shuichi Shindo, with the dreams of becoming a pop star as he falls in love with a famous novelist, Eiri Yuki, who writes romantic novels.

The very first encounter of the leads is quite the opposite of romantic. But as the series progresses, the romance between them spices up.

But, disclaimer, it is not your basic yaoi. It doesn’t include many lovey-dovey scenes either. We see much darker parts of love which is usually never depicted in anime featuring LGBTQ+ characters.

Advanced Storyline

We see Shindo and Yuki fight over each other like normal heterosexual couple and deal with the problems of their own. Yuki comes from a very strict and traditional family which has hurt him badly. He’s always grown up to never trust anyone too much as it has always ended up hurting him.

This brings so much pain to Shindo as well, who on the other hand is a hopeless optimist. Yuki finds it hard to love Shindo as much as he wants to and over the course of the series we see how both of them come to terms with this issue.

Unlike the usual romance animes, this one actually gives equal focus to Shindo’s pop star career too. So the music in this series is AMAZING!

The series got a 7.2/10 on IMDb and a must watch in our opinion.

Do watch the show and tell us how you like it!

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