Green Lantern Corps all updates check here


An American superhero film based on the same name of DC comics is back to entertain you.

Let us explore some interesting facts first!

It will be interesting to know for the fans that the film was actually decided to be cast in 1997 but as per development in it. It was on hold until when Greg Berlanti was opted to write it and then decided to direct in October 2007. 

However, later on, the board added Martin Camphbell in February 2009 and forced Berlanti to leave the position of director. Most of the things have done from July 2009 to February 2010 and finally, the filming took place in March 2010 in Louisiana. It was decided to be a 3-d movie. It released on 17 June 2011. 

Long history, right!

The storyline of the previous release was of Hal Jordan, a pilot who was selected to become the first human member of the Green Lantern Corps. Hal found a ring that had supernatural powers in it and when later on he confronted with Parallax. Parallax threatened him that he should have dropped that ring because it might have chances of giving harm to the universe.

Green Lantern Corps all updates check here

The fascinating storyline has carried by the following star casts:

Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively

Peter Sarsgaard

Mark Strong

Angela Bassett

Tim Robbins

However, after the film released the film got negative reviews from the critics and audiences. It said that the script and screenplay do not have any story actually. However, audiences praised the acting of Ryan Reynolds. After this, Warner Bros canceled all the sequel of the film.

And now, It is after 10 years that Green lantern is coming back with the sequel that was going to release on 24 July 2020. As it is coming after decades so it might have taken lots and lots of development. The DC fans were asking questions that what actually is taking time to go with another sequel of it. 

As per the reports, the script took time because Geoff John’s who was working on the script was in between indulged with the HBO Max lantern series. This took a long time to complete the script. In addition, this time Warner bros will not be taking any risk for the film. Until now they haven’t notified about the cast. 

 As per the plot, this time story will not only concentrate on the Hal Jordan part but also go through different areas across the world where they can assume different planets and bacteria. Surely, this would fantasize about all the audiences and will be a great one.

Until then stay tuned!


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