Green Lantern Corps with All The Information On Its Release, Cast, And If It Will Be A Part Of Justice League?


DC’s Universe is coming up with another superhero fiction movie green Lantern which will an action-adventure movie. DC still holds the rights of the movie and is willing to take another shot at the movie. Earlier in 2011, DC released its Superhero movie based Green Lantern. The film starred Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Angela Bassett, and Tim Robbins in lead roles. Martin Campbell directed the movie written by Greg Berlanti. 

The 2011 movie was then had a production budget of $200 million and grossed only around $219 million at the box office. The movie was highly criticized for its inconsistency, poor screenplay, choice, and portrayal of the villains and bad special effects. Due to the film’s negative feedback and poor box office collection, Warner Bros. then decided not to make the sequel of the film. In 2015 Warner Bros declared that they have plans to release The Green Lantern Corps as a solo film. The movie is not supposed to be a sequel of the 2011 movie but will be a reboot version. 

Green Lantern Corps with All The Information On Its Release, Cast, And If It Will Be A Part Of Justice League?

The release for the same was scheduled for June 19, 2020. However, the film is not even in the production stage. DC fans are curious to know what is taking the film so long to come. The way film is managed so far along with the global pandemic which has forced many releases to be postponed, we are certain the movie will not be released any time this year. For years green Lantern is missing the action from the Justice League teams. Besides one of the founding members of the Justice League and the core heroes of DC comics, Green Lantern only had one live in an action movie in 2011.

The poor performance of the movie rolled back any plans for the popular character to relive again. So, for bringing the character to be a part of the Justice League, the wait might be longer and before all of that, the character has been a box office success. This time Geoff Johns will be directing the movie. This is affected by Johns’ involvement with HBO Max’s Green Lantern series. Fans all over the world are excited to witness all the amazement and action. The cast of the movie is still kept as a secret and the creators of the movie are in no mood to disclose any details on the same. But via our sources, we got to know that fans can expect some cast from the popular franchise of the Fast and The Furious. 

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