Social Media can be very instrumental in voicing the collective demands of people. # Movements demanding for revival of popular shows have helped many shows return with new seasons. The fans of the show Daredevil are also hoping to revive their loved show back with the #Savedaredevil movement on Twitter and Clark Gregg is the latest among the stars to pled their support for it.


Clark Gregg is best known for his role as the S.H.E.I.L.D agent Phil Coulson in the MCU. The show Daredevil streamed on Netflix from 2015 to 2018 which included three seasons. The fans had loved the character of Matt Murdock played by Charlie Cox. Matt was blind but used his enhanced senses to fight bad guys. After the three seasons, in 2018 the rights of the show got transferred to Marvel and as a result Netflix cancelled the future plans for the show before the transfer as they knew Marvel would focus on their own MCU movies and shows.

At the time, the fans of Daredevil had started this movement in order to grab the attention of the people at Marvel but the movement gained momentum only in 2020 when it was done in a more organized way. Gregg made his support known as he thinks that Daredevil was a good show that should not be discontinued. Other Stars that had made their support known for the movement include Dawson and Cox.

With so many people demanding the return of the show and now that they have been joined by Stars, Marvel will definitely make an official statement sooner or later. Do you think Marvel will revive the show?


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