Greyhound 2: theatrical release or digital release?


Greyhound is an American originated war film starring Tom hanks. The film is directed by  Aaron Schneider. The film is written by tom hanks. 

The movie is based on a novel named ‘The good shepherd’ written by C.S. Foster. The story of the film revolves around a U.S. commander of the navy who was assigned his first assignment as a commander of a group of ships from different countries who were all defending a merchant ship from attack from submarines of rival countries. The story is set up at the time of world war 2 and shows the time of early 1942.

Greyhound: Release Date Updates 

Greyhound was firstly getting a theatrical release overall of the U.S.  on the father’s day i.e. on June 12, 2020, by sony pictures. But this pandemic of the novel coronavirus put a stop on the release in theatres. Due to which the decision of its release was shifted to a digital release.  

And The movie was finally released on July 10, 2020. Hanks and his team decided to air his film on the apple tv plus. This release showed that Apple is making a lot of changes and is taking a lot of projects to grow its digital platform and take its platform to the same level of various other platforms. Hanks is said to be taking a big risk by releasing its wartime movie on apple tv as the platform has not gained many audiences. But the good news is that the film will be aired in more than 100 countries.

Greyhound 2: theatrical release or digital release?

When the news of hanks being corona positive broke out, the website almost crashed. This shows the love of his fans towards him. And, Tom was pretty sure that the film will do great because of the love he gets from the world. His movie is doing great since its release and fans are already waiting for its sequel.

Saying of the sequel, and seeing the response of the first part, there has still no announcements been made of the 2 and part, as the film received good reviews but it is not an award-winning film, but worth a watch if you are having an apple tv subscription. 

If the second part will be renewed then there are some rumors that the second part will be a remake of 1 st part and tom hanks might be replaced by Don Cheadle. till then stay tuned with us to watch all latest news about the film.

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