Grey’s Anatomy: 10 Most Emotional Alex Karev Quotes

Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy

When we first met Alex, he was an arrogant guy. Over the years, he turned into one of the nicest people in the series. 

Here are 10 instances where his vulnerability made the audience cry.

#1 “I Made A Mistake…I Screwed Up…I Don’t Have Anybody. You Guys Are All I Have. You Have To Forgive Me.”

This is one of those moments where we were all able to feel the helplessness Alex would have felt.

#2 “I’m Damaged Goods Or Something.” 

Alex is rarely open about his problematic personality. When he acknowledges it, things become unbearable for us.

#3 “You Wanna Be A Mess, Be A Mess. I Don’t Care, I Can Take It.” 

This is the epitome of loving someone for who they really are. We were all left with pure respect after he said this.

#4 “Trauma Always Leaves A Scar. It Follows Us Home. It Changes Our Lives.”

When drastic events happen in our lives, people around us rarely recognize it and they ask us why we can’t simply keep calm and carry on. When our favorite character points the fact out, its reassuring.

#5 “You Show Up And You Suit Up And You Play Because It’s Your Freaking Team.” 

We all need such tough love in our lives.

#6 “I’m Not The Kinda Guy Who… I Don’t Rise, Okay. I Sink To The Bottom. And Now I’m Getting All This… All This Respect.” 

Alex was so used to being the bad guy that he was not able to get his head around the fact that he was the resident to look out for. How adorable is that?

#7 “I Know I’m Being An A**. I Can’t Help It. I’m P***Ed Off, All The Time, So Much I Can’t Even Breathe.” 

Well, we have all been there.

#8 “Hell Is Behind Me, It’s In My Rearview Mirror, And I’m Not Going Back. I’m Done.”

When he says to Jo, she was not the only one moved by his words.

#9 “I Can’t Lose You, I Won’t Survive And That’s Your Fault. You Made Me Love You, You Made Me Let You In And Then You Freakin’ Died In My Arms.” 

Fans have always known that Izzie was pretty special to Alex but he kept his feeling bottled up as he did not want to overwhelm her. When he told her at last, no one could have been happier.

#10 “I Know Now That I’m Good Enough Not To Deserve This…Not To Love You So Much That I Almost Hate You. I Deserve Someone Who Will Stay.” 

When Izzie came back, she expected to see Alex waiting for her. But it was too late. Alex knew that he deserved better and was not hesitant to tell her so. This was the moment we have all been waiting for.

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