Grey’s Anatomy fans react after former character is mentioned in Meredith storyline


Grey’s Anatomy has been continuously playing with our emotions so far. Agree?

Yes, till the seventeenth season it has been continuously doing so and now it is adding more and more twists to its storyline. After a week-long medical drama which brought back a very popular character, it has now sent its viewers on a roll. 

The next premiere known as the double-bill saw Patrick Dempsey having a role reprise as Meredith’s dead husband Derek and guess what the pair will be seen coming face-to-face. And then just guess what finally happened, Meredith was basically hallucinating. 

Now, the show is currently showing that Meredith has been diagnosed with Corona Virus and then it was seen that Miranda Bailey was suggesting that she should reconsider leaving her power of attorney. 

The story thus follows.

Here is how fans have been reacting.

One of them were into tears as they heard Bailey mentioning Alex’s name. Another one remarked that their was ice in her veins. Another one reacted that she almost started crying because she wants to see Alex in this season desperately. Someone else feels that this Alex connection is pulling the plug.

It seems fans are all putting forward a stream of reactions.

If you haven’t watched it yet, you can do so and then share your reactions with us too.

Till then, stay connected to us. We love you.


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