Groundhog Day Pop!s Slated for Early 2021 Release!


Groundhog Day (1993) is one of those classic comedy films that doesn’t lose its humor over the years. It has been almost three decades since the movie was released and yet the feeling of being trapped in a mundane routine is still relevant in 2020, especially with the imposition of the worldwide lockdown. 

Recently, Funko Pop announced that it would be releasing the iconic miniature of Phil played by Bill Murray, on 24 January 2021. The doll will cost $11.99 and can be ordered 

In addition to the doll, the company is also releasing a family board game. The game comes with 60 cards featuring iconic quotes from the movie, an egg timer, an alarm clock tile, 26 score tokens, a Punxsutawney Phil playing piece, an instruction booklet, and, of course, the game board itself. The main aim of the game is to make sure that Phil makes the right life choices to escape the time loop. Disclaimer: this game is Amazon exclusive.

We hope you enjoyed this news! Stay with us for the latest updates!

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