Grown Ups Star Adam Sandler Talks How He Knows When He’s Made A Hit And A Flop


There are times where an A-list star gives his best, but his film doesn’t get good reviews from the critics or gets very few viewers. All their movies don’t need to be a hit. Hit and flop films create a balance, and one or two flop films won’t finish their careers. One has to accept the bad with the good, so it is not the end of the world if their movies don’t turn out they want it to be.

Recently Adam Sandler talked about his hit and flop movies. He is a popular actor whose latest film titled Hubie Halloween dropped on Netflix. In his big career, he has learned and acquired a unique talent, whether his films will succeed or fall below expectations. 

Just like the weather forecast, Adam Sandler can detect if his films will be a hit or a flop!

Adam Sandler said that before his film’s release, he senses what will happen after the film gets released. He states that when he sees a hit flick coming, he walks differently. Moreover, he even reacts better and feels better. When he hears someone call him out ‘Hey Sandman,’ he responds with ‘What’s up’.

But when he sees a flop movie coming, his bones feel dead, and walks are flat-footed. And when someone on the streets says ‘Hey Sandman,’ he reacts to it differently. He shows a don’t talk to motion and doesn’t say a word. His faithful fans are always satisfied with his flicks be it a hit or a flop. Besides, his films have never gained high acclaims from critics. 

His past projects like Grown-Ups, Click, as well as The Waterboy are some of his films that gained great revenue at the box offices. But he did get applauded for his act in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Punch-Drunk Love. Even his recent Netflix film Hubie Halloween did not receive much praise from the critics, but his fans are still enjoying the movie.

Final Words

When we grow older, our bones tell us what the weather is going to be like. But we guess things are different for the Don’t Mess With Zohan actor. His bones tell him whether his film will work or not.

Some people may find his senses a bit weird and unconventional, but everything has turned out to be true for Sandler. His new film Hubie Halloween is currently streaming on Netflix, so check it out now! You can also watch the official trailer below before you head to the streaming platform.

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