GTA 6 All We Know About It And When Will It Release


Grand Theft Auto or GTA is group or series or actionadventure games created under Rockstar Games and was first released in 1997, it now has 11 games in the series with four expansion packs. The Grand Theft Auto III is considered a landmark game as it was the first game with 3D graphics in the series and ever since then all other games have been 3D graphics and have been improving with every release. 

The game is an open-world type game and provides you a lot of freedom on how you play and interact with the world. The most recent game in the series is GTA 5 which was first released in 2013 for PS 3 and later re-released for PS 4 and Xbox 1 in 2014 with improvements and was released for Microsoft Windows as well in 2015. There are talks about a new version that will release for upcoming PS 5 in 2021. So with all this going on with GTA 5 will we see a GTA 6 soon? Let’s find out 

Expected Release Date

There aren’t any fixed dates related to the launch of GTA 6 however we can be sure it won’t be coming in 2020 or 2021 since it seems unlikely for Rockstar Games to release two GTA games in a single year. However, GTA 6 is definitely in the making since it been more than 7 years when GTA 5 originally launched and the makers must have been working on something new all this time. We will keep you updated as we learn more. 

GTA 6 All We Know About It And When Will It Release

What Will Be The Storyline? 

We don’t know much about the storyline of the game however some rumors suggest the story for GTA 6 has already been complete. However, most rumors aren’t true. Also, the storyline for Red Dead Redemption 2 another game from Rockstar Games had the storyline done by 2012 but was later modified in 2017 and early 2018 so nothing is for sure yet. 

Rockstar Games is a huge company but they know how to keep secrets and there are hardly any leaks so we can’t be sure about the storyline for now and will have to for an official announcement.

How Will Be The Gameplay?

With the immense success of GTA 5 Online, we will likely see GTA 6 to be based on that premise as well. It should all the elements that made GTA 5 so successful and more. The game is a bit far on the horizon so exact gameplay can’t be predicted as of now. 

What’s The New Update?

The rumors about the game announcement were coming from all over the place on the last month some were even claiming that a game announcement was imminent however they were all fake as the voice actors for the character Michael de Santa, Ned Luke and Franklin Clinton, Shawn Fonteno came on Instagram and asked fans to stop believing in ‘click baits’, ‘rumors’ and ‘leak’ also saying “if you hear it from Rockstar, then you know.” The video was later posted on twitter as well.  

Stay Tuned To Learn More!


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