GTA 6 Expected Release Date, What Will Be The Storyline? How Will Be The Gameplay? And What’s The New Update?


Hello folks! We are here to talk about the famous game GTA. I’m sure there are no kids who haven’t seen or played these games exist on this planet. The celebrated game series has a massive fan base throughout the world. GTA also is known as Grand Theft Auto is an action, adventure game created by Rock star North and distributed by Rockstar Games. 

Although this game is popular globally, it has faced numerous criticism for the violence displayed against the woman. Doubtlessly, this game is played by almost all the kids and certainly an entertainer. Its controversies against a woman are still a hurdle too.

Believe it or not, GTA is the world’s second most best-selling video game ever recorded in the history. It’s display, stunning visuals and the twisted plot makes the users more engaging and addicted to this game.

GTA 6: Release

There is a slight disappointment for GTA fans. We don’t know much about the release other than the recent developments they have been working on from April 2020. The makers decided to stay tight-lipped about its new functions and releases as they are facing struggle during the pandemic lockdown. 

Officials are yet to make an announcement as they don’t want fans to give wrong hope about this upcoming installment. As per inner sources, they are planning to launch it on a smaller scale and upgrade it eventually. Although they are not sure about the release date, they can confirm an official announcement by 2021 end. If that the case the game will be launched by 2022 mid.

GTA 6 Expected Release Date, What Will Be The Storyline? How Will Be The Gameplay? And What’s The New Update?

GTA 6: Storyline

This game is coming to us as an additional female lead for the first time. This game will have a Sci-fi interface in which the protagonists will be able to time travel. GTA 5 also had three players nods but the female character didn’t have the option to play them. 

There could be an upgrade on the map as they will show us more maps including 52 North American states instead of sticking to the same old map. If this is the case, we will get to see a whole new dimension in the GTA series.

GTA 6: Gameplay

Rockstar team has managed amazingly well in relation to their gameplays so far. We will surely get to see more amazing stuff in the upcoming installment. We will see so many more assassinations just like GTA: V and it gives a more soothing experience to the users.

 Let’s wait and watch what they will be announcing next. 

That’s all for today about our legendary game GTA and keep playing until you get to see the real badass GTA 6 being launched. We will surely circle back to you with more updates. Until then Adios! 


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