GTA 6: Release Date, Storyline, Gameplay, Possibility Of VR Support, And More!


GTA has been one of the most popular and most widely known games of the past 2 decades. With the huge success of GTA 5 can we expect GTA 6 anytime soon?

The game first released in 1997 and is made under Rockstar Games. The GTA franchise was one of the first to venture into 3D graphics with GTA 3 and has been improving on them ever since. The game allows you to explore and play with full freedom and is based in a sandbox world where you can do whatever you want be it robbing a bank or blowing up a gas station, just be careful of the police. It seems that there will be probably GTA 6 in the future due to the immense success of GTA 5 even though there hasn’t been any announcement from the Developers.

Expected Release Date

We can’t be sure when we will see GTA 6 since next year we will see GTA 5 launch on PS5 and will probably have some new features as well so it seems highly unlikely we will see Rockstar Games release 2 GTA games in the same year but you never know. We will keep you updated with all the news regarding the release date.

GTA 6: Release Date, Storyline, Gameplay, Possibility Of VR Support, And More!

The Storyline

There have been some rumors that the storyline for GTA 6 has already been finished however the storyline for Red Dead Redemption 2 another one of Rockstar Games was completed back in 2012 but was later reworked and changed in 2017 and early 2018 before it launched. However, we aren’t sure about the storyline for GTA 6 be as of yet. 

About The Gameplay? 

We don’t know much but we can for sure that the Gameplay would be similar to the GTA 5 online gameplay because it has been well praised and has been loved by the fans. The game will probably be a Sandbox type like its previous parts however we aren’t sure about the exact details.

Will It Support VR?

There have been many speculations surrounding GTA 6 however one of the most interesting ones is that it may support VR which will change the whole landscape. Although nothing is for sure, however, if VR is being implemented in GTA 6 we can see the reason for delays and we can also understand why the launch date isn’t fixed. We can’t be sure when GTA 6 will launch and whether or not it will support VR but we can sure it won’t disappoint the fans.

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