Haikyuu!!! Season 4 Part 2 release delayed till 2021


Haikyuu!!! has come up as a surprise even for the creators as it has got a huge acclaim across the globe. The show has aired all three seasons and is now preparing for the fourth. If you haven’t watched the amine-sport show, then this would be something that you’ll regret missing in the future. We are here with all the updates of the show. From release date to casting information, you’ll find every bit of information that you are looking for in other websites. 

Well, before moving ahead, let’s run through the synopsis of the show. If you left the show untouched, then here is something you shouldn’t miss at all. Haikyuu!!! is a Japanese anime show. It is composed and brought together by Haruichi Furudate. The anime TV show is about a volleyball team player and their journey from being typical to professional players. It is about parody, transitioning, and sports. The main lead Hinata prepares for the competition. The character aims to match the standard of popular volleyball player Tobio Kageyama.

Release date of Haikyuu!!! Season 4 Part 2: 

The first season premiered on April the 6th of 2014. The show ended with twenty-five episodes on September the 21th of 2014. The next season was played on October the 4th of 2015. The chapter ended on March the 27th of 2016. The subsequent season broadcasted on October the 8th of 2016 and completed the run on December the 10th of 2016. The fourth edition played on January the 11th of 2020 and now we are eagerly waiting for the second part of the same. 

The confirmed date of release was set somewhere in mid of 2020. The outbreak of COVID-19 changed the scenario drastically and the expected release date was postponed. The official announcement of the release date has not been made yet. We are expecting that it may shift to the end of 2020 or might play in next year. 

Haikyuu!!! Season 4 Part 2 release delayed till 2021

Cast of Haikyuu!!! 

There are no major changes in the cast expected from the upcoming season. Here’s the list of the voice over characters. Ayumu Murase voices Shoyo Hinata’s character. 

  • Kaito Ishikawa is Tobio Kageyama on the show. 
  • Yu Hayashi lends his voice for the character of Ryunosuke Tanaka.
  • Satoshi Hino is Daichi Sawamura on the show.
  • Miyu Irino is Koshi Sugawara. 
  • Koki Uchiyama voices Kei Tsukishima.
  • Soma Saito is Tadashi Yamaguchi.
  • Nobuhiko Okamoto gave voice to the character of Yu Nishinoya.
  • Yoshimasa Hosoya lent his voice for Asahi Azumane
  • Hiroshi Kamiya is Ittetsu Takeda

Well, that is all we got till now for Haikyuu Season 4 Part 2. The inside story details are still kept under wraps. We would soon be revealing the same so stay tuned for the inside story of Haikyuu. 


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