Hailey Bieber wore a “Vote Mask” to sell out soon


Hailey Bieber’s Instagram picture wearing the “vote mask” is viral on the internet. She captioned her photo and emphasized the importance of the 2020s Presidential elections in the USA which just a month away.

To promote the importance of voting all the prominent celebrities Michelle Obama and Katie Holmes began promoting the vote merchandise. Hailey also landed on this list and started promoting the importance of voting.

Sudden Hike in the demand for disposable “Vote Masks” from MASKC

 The agenda of these celebrities is to encourage voter registration and turnout in the United States. Recently, Bieber spotted wearing a disposable vote mask. Then, the demand for these masks suddenly hiked. 

Many people started buying the vote designer mask as it costs around $18 to them. Justin Bieber’s wife worked on the social causes promoted the value of safety in coronavirus and the importance of voting.

Justin Bieber’s Wife Encouraged Voting Importance among the Americans 

As we, all are aware the United States is among the worst affected countries in the world. Around 6 million to 7 million people found coronavirus positive. Here the medical system failed drastically and New York became the coronavirus hotspot.

 In this pandemic period, well-known celebrities came out to motivate people to use masks. They did a great job to remind people about the use of masks to stay safe in coronavirus. 

Apart from that, 2020 is an important year for Americans. 

They have to vote to choose their President who will succeed Donald Trump. Many prominent people have come out to support Donald Trump. It is a crucial time as US President Election voting starts from November 2020. 

That is all for now, we will get back again with more insights. Until then stay tuned!


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