Halloween Kills producer says that The Exorcist reboot will “surprise all the skeptics.”

Source: Den of Geek

Halloween Kills manufacturer Jason Blum said that the exorcist reboot “surprises all critics.” William Friedkin’s classical 1973 picture produced a series of critically lambasted film sequences, which have been the most successful adjustment to date in the short term 2016 TV spin-off.

As previously disclosed, the film’s relaunch with Morgan Creek Entertainment has been developed by David Gordon Green, director of Blumhouse and Halloween, and Blum has recently boasted of ‘pleasantly surprising the naysayers.’ He claimed it’s also going to be “like” the franchise Halloween boot.

Source: Digital Spy

Blum told Den of Geek, “[It will] be like David’s Halloween sequel. I believe all the naysayers out there will be pleasantly surprised. We were sceptical about Halloween, and David turned them around, and I think with The Exorcist, he will turn it around.”

He said that: “I want to make a film for those who know the original exorcists and adore them, and are angry that we do that, yet pull themselves to the theatre somehow. I would like them to come out glad. And I want to make a film that I truly like people who never heard about The Exorcist. With Halloween, I think David did that. With The Exorcist, I think he will do that too.”

After the Gordon-Green Halloween trilogy is completed, the exorcists will film. Halloween Kill is available for watching on various platforms. 

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