Halloween Kills star teases “wonderfully chaotic” horror sequel

Courtesy: CinemaBlend

Halloween’s 2018 reboot took the audience by surprise as it broke all the box office records. It was graded a successful movie, both critically and commercially.

Now the producers are planning for another similar style movie.

As announced earlier, Halloween Kills is set to release by the end of this year. From one of the acting crew, Andi Matichak, it has come out that she has seen some of the edits and it looks promising.

Courtesy: People

According to the actress, the first introduction to the storyline made her realise the immense chaos, ambition and madness in it.

The star also revealed how the crew maintained a good atmosphere on the set, like having James Jude Courtney isolate himself from the others while on set, while Andi herself listening to John Carpenter’s to ease out the pressure. Interestingly Carpenter is also doing the music for this one, and has already labelled it as the ultimate slasher.


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