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About the movie Hangover 2

The Hangover Part II is an American comedy film from Warner Bros. Pictures, produced by Legendary Pictures in 2011. It is a follow-up to The Hangover and The Hangover trilogy in 2009. The movie stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Ken Jeong, Jeffrey Tambor, Justin Bartha and Paul Giamatti were directed by Todd Phillips. He co-wrote the movie with Craig Mazin and Scot Armstrong.

It tells Phil, Stu, Alan, and Doug on their journey to Stu wedding in Thailand. Stu has taken no chance to have a safe and subdued pre-wedding brunch after the Bachelor party in Las Vegas. 

Two months before the release of Hangover, development began in April 2009. The main actors were cast back from the first film in March 2010. The story started in Ontario, California, in October 2010 before moving to a Thailand site. The film was released on 26 May 2011, and during its theatrical run, it became the most important R-rated comedy in the world.

The Hangover Part III published a third and final instalment on 23 May 2013. Go through the article below to find where you can get Hangover Tamil Dubbed Movie Download.

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Movie Plot Details

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Stu Price, Phil Wenneck, Alan Garner and Doug Billings travelled to Thailand two years after Stu’s next wedding to his fiancée, Lauren. Teddy joins them. Lauren’s dad expresses his rejection of Stu in a toast at the rehearsal dinner. Stu joins the boys late at night. 

The next day, Phil, Stu, and Alan wake up in Bangkok’s dirty hotel room and gangster Leslie Chow and a capuchin chain baker monkey. Stu has a facial tattoo (a Mike Tyson replica), and the head of Alan is head shaved. They can’t find Teddy; they can’t find his finger. Chow starts reporting the events of the night before, but after snoring a cocaine line, he collapses. The Trio found Chow to be killed by an overdose of cocaine. Panicked, in the icebox of the hotel, the Trio dispose of Chow’s body.

By a tip from Doug, who was still in the resort, they went to a police station to take Teddy and got a wheelchair with an old Buddhist monk. However, despite having taken the vow of silence, he refuses to say anything. They fly to the company’s ruins after discovering a business card.

You come into a tattoo room in Stu’s vicinity and learn that you began a fight that escalated into a disturbance. The Trio takes the monk back to his Buddhist temple, where the monk is invited to meditate. Alan can remember they were in the White Lion Strip Club, where they discover that the lady named Kimmy sodomised Stu. After leaving the Trio, two Russian mobsters take the monkey, and one kill Phil.

After Phil has been examined in a clinic, Alan confesses that he drugged some marshmallows the previous evening to sedate Teddy with muscle relaxers and ADHD, for fear that the others will replace him with Teddy, but mixed the bags by mistake when Phil nearly had sat on her. Phil and Stu get upset that Alan was again drugging them. Stu accuses Alan and threatens him for ruining his life, but Phil breaks it in and urges them to stay together.

They note Alan’s belly, an address and a meeting time. You encounter a gangster named Kingsley who requests the Chow bank account’s password in exchange for Teddy the following day. They go back to the hotel to locate Chow’s password to find out how alive he is. 

The party agrees with Kingsley after taking the code and leaving the monkey outside a veterinary clinic. Chow is suddenly brought up and arrested by Interpol agents.

Phil calls Doug’s wife Tracy to say that they cannot locate Teddy, desperately and without clues. In Bangkok, Stu decides to call the wedding off and say Teddy is dead. Alan played Ms Pac-game, Man’s but power is again coming out. Stu knows unexpectedly where Teddy is. The Trio returns to the hotel to find Teddy, though still without a finger, unchanged in the elevator. They rush to get him back. Finally, everything falls into place after they see him and return. 

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