Hannibal Season 4: Are Those Reboot Plans True?


Hannibal is one of the most popular suspense thriller series of all time. It has completed three seasons, and fans are wondering about the upcoming season. The series is worth watching, and it will keep you gripped to your tv or phone screens till the end. Recently, the show gained more fame after it appeared on the streaming services. 

Will the Hannibal series get renewed for season 4?

We have no update on the possible fourth installment until there is an official announcement from the show creators. Mads Mikkelsen who plays the main role of Hannibal Lecter, is focused on something else right now. His fans are anticipatedly waiting for the next season too, so let’s hope it gets renewed soon.

Hannibal Season 4 Release Date:

The fourth installment of Hannibal is not renewed yet. So to get a possible release date, the show must first need to be renewed. Even the official sites haven’t released any information about the reboot of the show. 

Hannibal season 3 has thirteen episodes, and it got released on June 4, 2020. Later on, NBC canceled the show, and now the next seasons will launch on platforms like Netflix and Amazon. The show first released on Amazon Prime, but due to some reasons, their talk related to negotiations came to a stop.

Hannibal Season 4: Are Those Reboot Plans True?

Later on, they approached Netflix for the renewal of the show. But similar to Amazon Prime, their negotiations came to a stop. After a while, the show was acquired by Amazon, and it was announced that they wanted to renew the show immediately. However, the creators weren’t finished with the scripts.

So currently, we haven’t heard a single word from the creators about the renewal of the show. But we believe that the show might get renewed later, but for now, season 4 is off the table. If you are looking for the best streaming service to watch Hannibal, then you can check it out on Netflix. 

Mads Mikkelsen and Bryan Fuller’s statement on possible Hannibal season 4

Recently, there was a mass Zoom meetup for the Nerdist House. The entire cast of Hannibal was present at the event. They talked a bit about characters, including the dead ones. They also stated what might happen next in season 4. Bryan Fuller revealed that if the show returns, then every character will come back.

Mads Mikkelsen talked about Hannibal Lecter being pansexual and much more. It looks like the entire cast of the show is ready to return. So fans can still hope for a season 4. The show won’t return now, but maybe in the future when the pandemic is over.

Hannibal Series Cast

Mads Mikkelsen plays the role of Hannibal Lecter. He is an exceptional forensic psychiatrist. Nobody knows that he is secretly a cannibalistic serial killer known as the Chesapeake Ripper. As the show progresses, he gets fascinated by Will Graham and tries to manipulate and turn him into a monster himself.

Hugh Dancy plays the character of Will Graham, who is the head of Behavioral Sciences of the FBI. In every case, he tries to visualize himself as the killer and understand their behavior, but he soon gets involved in an emotional relationship with Hannibal Lecter.

The other cast of the show includes Caroline Dhavernas as a psychology professor Alana Bloom, Hettienne Park as a crime scene investigator Beverly Katz, Scott Thompson as Jimmy Price, Laurence Fishburne as head of Behavioral Sciences of the FBI Jack Crawford, Aaron Abrams as Brian Zeller, and Gillian Anderson as Hannibal Lecter’s psychotherapist Bedelia Du Maurier.


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