Happy Season 3: Every Fan Is Waiting for The New Season, Will The Series Return?

Happy Season 3: Every Fan Is Waiting for The New Season, Will The Series Return?

Many youngsters and adults love to watch the series which are comprised of different types of genres in a particular series. Several genres keep the audience avoiding their boredom and they interestingly watch each scene of the series. So, this time I am going to talk about such various types of genre TV series named Happy!

Happy! is an American live-action, adult and black comedy-drama, fantasy, action-drama, and thriller based TV series, created and originally written by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson. 

The series has received mostly favorable reviews from the critics and audiences for its story concept and strong performance given by the main casts.

The series is actually whopping 84% fresh on rotten tomatoes, rating 8.2/10 on IMDb, and scoring 7.6/10 on TV.com. So let’s move ahead to know more about the season 3 is coming or not after the success seasons 1 and 2!


The both seasons of Happy! TV Series were able to gain appreciation from the critics as well as the audience. But it’s bad news for the fans of the series that season three is canceled by the original network Syfy who declared the cancellation statement on 4th June 2019. 

So we can’t hope the renewal of the season 3.

Happy Season 3: Every Fan Is Waiting for The New Season, Will The Series Return?


The main and supporting characters of the Happy! TV series are Christopher Meloni as Nick Sax, Ritchie Coster as Mr. Blue, Lili Mirojnick as Merry, Medina Senghore as Amanda Hansen, Patrick Fischler as Smoothie / The Bunny, Patton Oswalt as Happy (imaginary), Christopher Fitzgerarld as Louis Sheinberg, and Bryce Lorenzo as Hailey Louise Hansen.


The story is focused on the life of dishonored police detective Nick Sac living his life with heavy drinking and substance abuse. Nick comes suddenly into connection with a small, blue, unicorn named Happy after enduring a great heart attack to whom only he can see apparently. 

Happy tells him that a little girl named Hailey, his friend is being kidnapped by a mad man outfitted as Santa Claus.

Happy also discloses Nick that Hailey is his estranged daughter and she believes that he will help her out. Initially, Nick was suspicious but reluctantly he agrees to save Hailey with the company of Happy.

So fans don’t dishearten yourself that the season 3 is being canceled.

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