Harry Styles’ ‘Don’t Worry Darlings’ cast, plot and other details you need to know

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Harry Style’s upcoming film Don’t Worry Darlings’ is  a psychological thriller starring Florence Pugh. This film is currently in post-production phase. The film shoot was wrapped in mid week of February. It is expected to release at the end of this year but the dates are not confirmed yet. Here is all you need to know about Don’t worry Darlings’

Harry Styles’ Don’t Worry Darlings’ cast and crew 

The initial cast actor of the film Shia LaBeouf was replaced by the singer and actor Harry Styles. Olivia Wilde is the director of the film and the screenplay is written by Katie Silberman with Carey and Shane Van Dyke. The film is produced by Roy Lee, Katie Silberman, Olivia Wilde, and Miri Yoon.

The Don’t Worry Darlings’ cast features Harry Styles as Jack, Florence Pugh as Alice, Chris Pine as the revered leader of a cult, Olivia Wilde, Gemma Chan as Shelley, KiKi Layne as Margaret and Sydney Chandler.

About the film

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The movie is set in 1950s and is about a unhappy housewife who starts to question her sanity after noticing some strange and weird occurrences around her in her small community in the California desert. The role of Jack played by Harry Styles is portrayed as a ideal husband. He loves her unconditionally but is shown hiding a dark secret from her. Florence Pugh is the unhappy wife named Alice who will discover some shocking truths that are revealed as the story will unfold.

Release date of the film

Sadly it has not been announced yet. The photos of the cast on the set was dropped in early November, there is been no confirmation regarding the release date but the fans are hoping for 2021 release date.


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