Has the cast of the new show Star Trek: Prodigy been announced?!


Star Trek is one of the world’s oldest and largest science fiction franchises to existing this long. The first-ever episode of the Star Trek: The Original Series aired in 1966 when the first human landed on the moon and the whole world went crazy about it.

The History of the Franchise:

We have all come a long way since then and so has the franchise. Following the original series, many spin-offs were released and in the 1990s a new set of the cast was introduced and came the Next Generation. After its end, three reboot films were released as well.

Along with the films, the respective TV series was also aired in advance as Broadcast TV series. With the rise of streaming platforms in the late 2010s, four new series were also released/ announced to be released in the future.

The Newest Addition to the Franchise:

In an effort to make the franchise child friendly as well, a new animated series for children has been announced to be premiering on Nickelodeon, called Star Trek: Prodigy.

What do we know about the newest show?

The show was first proposed in January 2019 and has since been confirmed. The show will be premiering next year, 2021.

The new series will be having two seasons and uses computer-generated animation.

The role of Captain Janeway (Kathryn Janeway) will again be played by Kate Mulgrew, who also played the role in the 1995 series Star Trek: Voyager.

Captain Janeway is often dubbed as the best captain ever and Kate Mulgrew is one of the biggest Trekkie too. So it wouldn’t have settled well with the fans if someone had been cast to play her role.

Hope this update made your day!

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