Have the white women the right to join a Gay pride movement? – Bill Burr’s side of the coin.


Hello buddies, hoping all is going well with all of you. Also, I take it that we are all having a great time watching some of the best series and shows on the web platforms amidst all our time while working from home.

How many of us have watched Saturday Night Live’s recent episode on October 10th?

If a certain percentage amongst us has then we are aware of what the controversy is all about, but for those of us who have missed it by any chance and would love to get hold of what had happened, I am always there for you.

So, let’s get on reading.

On the recent SNL’s episode that was cast on the 10th of October, found the host, Bill Burr raising a controversy dividing audiences with his jokes on white women joining the ‘Woke movement’ in support of Gay pride. He let his cold open criticizing White women for their involvement in the movement. His throw of speech and dialogues was such that it caused rage and fury among the viewers who were even at home, they simply couldn’t swallow his comments about white women, gay pride, and people of color.

Viewers also accused him of using derogatory language against women and his remarks on the gays not deserving so much of attention also caused a certain amount of disgust. Some people also pointed out how foolish it was for a white male to decide whether white females will or will not be participating in a social movement.

Though a large number of audiences were against the show’s host’s remarks, some fans have also put forward positive views, they were of the view that Bill Burr had no intentions of putting forward something that was wrong, it was only that he wanted to raise a political issue and some valid points, only his way of putting it to the audience was not correct. Amidst all this, the makers find some aroma of goodness as they feel the show still continues to be in the talks of the people even after completing a whole 45 seasons.

What do my buddies think, was Bill Burr’s intentions correct?

Share your views in the comments.


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