Haven’t seen Jennifer Lawrence in a while? Here is the reason!!

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The 2010s was a decade in which Hollywood was introducing and attracting a lot of fresh and young talents but some of them proved to be exceptional. One such actor is Jennifer Lawrence who touched the stars pretty early. She had a smooth start for her career, she appeared in The Bill Engvall Show, MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 which made her way to membership in the Screen Actors Guild. She secured her first Oscar nomination for the 2010’s drama Winter’s Bone. That was the time when she became a sensation and a Hollywood diva.

For some years she has not appeared on the big screen, leaving fans wondering where she has disappeared. Lawrence vanished from the public’s eyes after gaining so much fame and international attention. Below are some reasons for her disappearance.

She was found randomly at a young age

She was spotted by a modeling agent when she was just 14 in New York City. She got hooked into that but not for modeling. She was not up for modeling. It was already decided by her that she would work as an actress if they would offer her auditions for commercials and acts as well. 

Source: MTV

She went for her first audition the very next day. When she read the script, it was quite easy for her to understand that. She said this was the first time she really understood something although the audition didn’t go very well, Jennifer decided that this was what she wanted to do. 

She gave up school to pursue acting

At a very young age, it was a tough decision for her to leave school and do full-time acting, but anything couldn’t stop Lawrence. She left middle school and didn’t even have her high school diploma. In a recent interview, she told that she didn’t regret her decision, she had her own path to walk on.

Jennifer made Oscar history

She was the youngest actor to be nominated for Oscar for her category, and she won several other awards. She got offers for hundreds of projects. Winning Oscar definitely escalated her charm to cloud 9. 

Her first string of flops

After doing a lot of blockbuster movies, Jennifer signed several movies in 2015 which didn’t work well and unfortunately, didn’t bring her the expected success. The actor might just have taken a break from all the fame and popularity which she deserves. 

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