“Hazbin Hotel”: Latest Update and news. From where to watch?


“Hazbin Hotel”: Latest Update and news. From where to watch?

One of the most popular anime series among Manga lovers, “Hazbin Hotel”, sequel of “Helluva Boss” has decided to refresh its further episodes. In this article we are going to discuss when and how creators have decided to drop the further season of the series.

What is the Anime series “Hazbin Hotel” all about?

“Hazbin Hotel” follows the story of Charlie, queen of Hell. She always wanted to go to heaven but somehow, ended up in Hell and became the queen of there.

On the parallel side, it also features four demons, very bad demons who take the approval of Charlie to kill people around the world. 

It is a famous saying that every bad deed pays off. What is the future of this bad deed, you surely have to watch the series from head to toe? 

Source: lowa state daily

Who gave their voices in the series “Hazbin Hotel”?

The characters of the anime in the episode 1 and 2 have been voiced by voice artists. Following are the names:

  • Blitzo by Brandon Rogers
  • Moxxie by Richard Steven Horvitz
  • Milie by Vivian Nixon
  • Loona by Erica Lindbeck
  • Verosika by Christina Valenzuela

We can expect more new voices and characters in episode 3.

When will episode 3 of “Hazbin Hotel” be released?

As episode 2 of “Hazbin Hotel” was released a few months back, we can expect episode 3 of the Medrano’s original YouTube series by the end of February or at the starting of March.

From where to watch “Hazbin Hotel”?

For all beginners, we would like to let you know that YouTube is the home of all the Animes. If you are in the mood to watch the one, just go to the app and search, download and binge.

You can get the episode 1,2 and 3 of “Hazbin Hotel” by tapping on the link-

Now all you have to do is to remain on the page to get more updates about further episodes.


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