How long do You have health Insurance after leaving a Job

How long do You have health Insurance after leaving a Job
How long do You have health Insurance after leaving a Job

In this tiring world where you have to sit eight hours a day in front of a desk after journeying may seem too much after a certain amount of time. The bourgeois society requires too much from us, our passion, our dream, and many more so that we can earn money. As fast as the world is changing, every sector is changing too to keep up with the Insurance

The economic sector in collaboration with the medical sector has come up with an insurance plan that would cover your expenses lest something happened. But would your insurance be covered if you leave your job? There are various questions related to this that we will try to answer today.

What is health insurance?

Before we jump to judge whether you will lose your health insurance once you quit your job or not, we need to know how it works and what it is. Health insurance is a type of policy that is different from that of a Medicare plan as it is more extensive than anything. Health insurance covers the expenses of the medical conditions or processes such as surgery, rehabilitation of a person.

Each person has to be ascribed with health insurance to cover their health. It can be bought on their own or you can be covered by the company you work in.

If it is the company that has tried to bring you under the protection of the health insurance then it will work differently. If you quit your job, the common question ‘how long is health insurance active after termination’ rises.

However, if you have bought it separately then it is totally dependent on you. The company will make the reimbursement but if it was bought individually the insured person after whom the insurance is made has to pay the money after the insurance policy clears the medical bill. The money can be reimbursed directly from them. So having a job is important to pool money in order to make the most of it. However, each policy has its own terms and conditions.

How long do You have health Insurance after leaving a Job
How long do You have health Insurance after leaving a Job

How does health insurance work?

There are basic features of health insurance that it tries to extend to its insurer.

  • The main basis of the insurance is towards covering certain illnesses including certain critical illnesses.
  • Even the insurance has to be renewed like any other subscription. So when you renew the insurance, you will get discounts. The discount is known as the no-claim bonus.
  • Few of the insurance companies offer the option of co-payment. This method can decrease the pressure of payment as the insurance tries to pay a certain amount of treatment expenses meanwhile the remaining amount will be paid by the insured.
  • Health insurance comes under article 80D of the income tax act which allows the insurer to claim tax benefits.

How flexible is health insurance?

The answer to whether health insurance can be revised or not after the quitting of the job depends on the flexibility of the insurance. Health insurance covers a vast range of medical expenses such as the expenses of rehabilitation, medication, transportation, care treatment along with many things. That is why health insurance is as flexible as it comes if the insurance is bought individually from the marketplace.

A person can reduce their own insurance plan according to their present economic condition but this is only limited for a certain period of time. The direction of health insurance can be extended, in the sense renewed or even revoked by the insurer depending on the situation. If the situation permits, they can even extend their health insurance policy to invoke a certain amount of benefits.

The importance of health insurance:

There are many benefits of medical insurance.

  • Health insurance covers an extended version of medical care processes to make sure that you are okay.
  • Medical care is expensive in this world where privatization rules. So the option of co-payment will help you share the burden of medical expenses.
  • It safeguards your family from a certain kind of disease without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • It covers your expenses so that you can worry about getting well. You can reimburse that amount when you get well.

Everything depends on the job. Because it is your job that will help you pay back the money to the insurance policy. So what happens if you quit your job?

What happens to health insurance if you quit your job?

You need a job to reimburse the amount that the health insurance covers. Your insurance will continue to exist. It depends on the company that you are in to choose whether they want to continue your corporate club of insurance or want to revoke it.

Does health insurance end the day you quit?

When someone joins a company, they come under a certain amount of insurance policy that covers them from harm’s way. However, these insurances surpass more than health insurance. The benefits of working under a company will extend insurance over your life, your health, your financial situation, and your house too.

But certain insurances come to cease when you quit your job. One of that insurance is your health insurance. Your health insurance will come to cease the day you quit or until the last day of the month. That is the rule. But if you have completed your cobra paperwork then it is a different answer.

When does health insurance end after leaving the job?

The answer depends on the type of insurance you have. If health insurance is a company induced insurance policy then it will come to seize the day you quit your job or it can be extended till the end of the month. It depends on the company you are working with. However, if you have filed for the COBRA paperwork then it will protect you from the casement of the validation of health insurance even after you quit your job.

If you quit your job when does health insurance end?

If you have cobra then it will continue to cover you and your family. The insurance will be extended for 18 months. However, if you have not filed for cobra then it will become tough to extend your health insurance after you quit your job.

How long does insurance last after you quit?

Normally when you quit your job, the insurance benefits that cover you from harm’s way will be revoked the day you quit or can be extended till the last day of the month. However, if you have completed the cobra paperwork, then it will give you a lengthy framework.

You can for the being after quitting the job, proceed with your employer-sponsored health insurance with the help of COBRA. Having cobra will help your insurance plans be covered for eighteen-month. This plan will continue to cover your spouse and family members for three years.

If I change jobs what happens to my health insurance?

If the company that you are working in has another group of companies and if you are changing your job to join that other group then your insurance will be covered.

It means if you are transferred to the same group of the company then your health insurance will work fine however if the company is different from the company you previously worked then you have to enroll in that company that you are working now.

Till then you can share the health insurance of your spouse to be covered by it. So it means unless you are working in a group of companies, the health insurance will be revised by the company.

What is health insurance lapse between jobs?

Health insurance lapse indicates the period between the time you quit your job to the time you land a new one. That period is known as the lapse as at that point in time you are not covered by any means of health insurance.

If you have already used the cobra policy as a means to cover you then you will be covered for eighteen months but if you haven’t invoked the COBRA policy then you will have created a lapse of health insurance. There are a few ways to manage this lapse.

  • You can file for the COBRA policy as it will not only extend the health insurance but will cover the bills too.
  • You can buy your own health insurance policy from the marketplace. It will cover your health care bills irrespective of the company’s involvement. As you bought it, you will be the one responsible for reimbursement.

How does cobra insurance work if I quit my job?

Employees who have quit their job but cannot take the risk of creating a lapse in their health insurance could take the help of COBRA policy as it will continue to extend coverage under the law ‘Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act’. It is according to the U.S. Department of Labor, that the COBRA policy is served.

COBRA authorizes workers a helping hand as those workers who have quit their job to do work in some other place, can continue to take benefits of the health insurance coverage on the same level of insurance coverage even though the worker is no longer sponsored by the plan itself. However, there is a catch.

As employers utilize a big chunk of health insurance costs, so when they leave or quit, they have to pay considerably more after the employer’s allowances stop.

How long do You have health Insurance after leaving a Job
How long do You have health Insurance after leaving a Job

Are you eligible for cobra if you quit your job?

The Labor Department reports that only those employees who have quit under conditions specified in the act will be qualified for applying for the COBRA coverage. There are certain types of different criteria that one has to fill in order to be qualified under it.

  • Employers who have completed more than 20 or more full-time-equivalent employees can use the COBRA coverage. If one wishes accordingly then the working hours of the part-time employee will be put together to create the equivalent time needed to qualify such requirements.
  • COBRA can be only applied to the plans that are offered by the privatized sector employees.
  • The COBRA-eligible employee should be working in the company-sponsored group of health insurance coverage. Your own bought health insurance plan won’t be qualified for such an event.
  • The insurance plan should be productive for more than 50% totaling the employer’s typical business days but it has to be measured in the previous year.
  • The events under which one can evoke the COBRA policy is when one quits the job or is fired.
  • The loss of hours for the employers so as to reduce the effect of the health insurance policy.
  • Their spouse even can be covered by the COBRA policy. The policy will have them entitled to become a medicare policy.
  • Divorce or legal separation.
  • Death of the employer.

If you have every factor checked and have fulfilled each and every criterion then you can do the paperwork in order to file the COBRA claim. By filing for COBRA you can keep continuing health insurance after quitting a job for eighteen months.

Can you get cobra if you quit?

Cobra is one of those policies that cover your health insurance once you want to quit your job. However, there are certain conditions that you have to fulfill in order to be qualified for the application of cobra. Certain qualification details have been shared with you. The application has to be filled before you quit your job.

If not by then, then you have to fill the application before the extension of your health insurance, many times that happens to be till the end of the month, comes. Applying for cobra before you quit or before your health insurance comes is the right thing to do.


If you are thinking of quitting your job then ensuring each end is the smart thing to do. One of those important ends that you have to secure is the termination of health insurance as soon as you quit your job. You can ensure a safety net for your medical insurance after leaving a job by applying for the COBRA policy.

It will not only help you extend the health insurance in the gap between quitting your job and finding a new one but will continue to operate as a mirror similar to the one your company provided. Extending your health insurance after you have quit your job is an important task that you have to take care of.




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