Heartland Season 14: Air Date And Other Important Details You Should Know About The Show


Heartland, a family drama TV show with great comic events, in October 2007 the first season premiered. Lauren Brooke created this amazing show, and till now scripted 13 remarkable seasons. Lauren seems like fixed the timing clock with 44 minutes running time until today. 

The last episode was released on September 22nd, 2019. Each season consists approximately 10 episodes. Entailing all the events till now being successful and getting a massive positive response from the viewers, this television show has produced all total 139 episodes and made this journey far to its 14th season.

Season 14: Airing And Past Season Plot

The series is heading toward its 14th sequel after getting huge appreciation for its last season. It’s anticipated now that in September 2020 the 14th sequel of Heartland will be released and streamed on its congregation CBC. 

This will be done after whipping the brand-new series in the month of May 2020. No green light for the production of its 14th season, this is due to the current pandemic situation of the globe. Hence, we could assume a slight delay in the successive series. 

However, almost all of its filming, has been accomplished from Calgary’s corners, as the series origin from United States. Big point is that the show is completely a family show with everything for every age group.

Heartland Season 14: Air Date And Other Important Details You Should Know About The Show

Throughout the entire journey of the series till now, it’s highly praised and also for its next sequel in this year uncertainty to the general public. If we look at the exact pattern of previous seasons, it will be almost 10-15 episode season. 

Moreover, its sure that the series will most probably air on its origin community, and also its confirmed to release on Netflix.

Season 14: Expected Storyline and Plot of the Show:

Based on the novels written by Lauren Brooke, the storyline of this series is a family drama with the dramatic concept too. Heartland storyline mostly points on a family embarking there best to get through the happy and unfortunate moments in life together. 

We can predict the same storyline concept, where the family will focus on the thick and thin situation. Surely the 14 the season plot will point on an individual’s life, love, disaster, relationship, heartbreak, hatred, fire, wholesomeness, and doodah.

Season 14: Expected Cast With Unpredicted Changes

Featuring Amy Wardle as Tyler and Amber Marshall as Graham, the characters in the family depicted in the show. Together with, Michelle Morgan as Lou, Chris Potter is portraying Timothy, Shaun Johnston playing the role of Jack and Alisha Newton as Georgie. It’s sure from the showrunners that this face will surely hit the screens in season 14.


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