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Heartstopper, the best-selling comic book series by Alice Oseman, will soon be available on Netflix.

The coming-of-age drama follows teens Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring as they navigate high school life in the United Kingdom while also developing their blossoming romantic relationship.

The highly anticipated new series premiered on the streaming service on March 16th, which was a Wednesday. Everything you need to know is right here, in one simple location.

When Will ‘Heartstopper’ Be Available For Purchase?

The show’s official launch date of April 22 was confirmed on March 16 by Netflix in an official announcement.

The series will be comprised of eight 30-minute episodes, all of which will be posted on the streaming service at the same time, as is standard practice.

European director Euros Lyn directed the television adaptation, which was produced by See Saw Films with executive producer Patrick Walters. Oseman adapted her own work for the medium of television.

Who Is the Cast Of The Film “Heartstopper”?

Heartstopper will include a number of up-and-coming performers, including Joe Locke as Charlie and Kit Connor as Nick, among others.

Elle Argent, a transgender student who recently transferred to Charlie and Nick’s school, will be played by Yasmin Finney, and Tao Xu, a friend of Nick and Charlie’s and Elle’s boyfriend, will be played by William Gao.

Yasmin Finney will play Elle Argent, a transgender student who recently transferred to Charlie and Nick’s school, and William Gao will play Elle’s boyfriend.

Tori’s sister Jenny Walser and bully Harry Greene round out the gang, which is led by Corinna Brown, who plays Nick and Charlie’s buddy Tara Jones, Kizzy Edgell, who plays Tara Jones’s lover Darcy Olsson, and Cormac Hyde-Corrin, who portrays bully Harry Greene.

What Is The Premise Of The Film “Heartstopper”?

Heartstopper dives into the unexpected friendship that develops between Nick and Charlie, two high school students who meet and become friends after meeting on the football field.

As in the original comics, the show will focus on their friendship group as they seek to navigate life while also embarking on their own personal journeys of self-discovery.

With its lighthearted and romantic features, the show will also tackle more serious themes such as eating disorders and despair among teenagers, which will be addressed in particular through Charlie’s experiences.

Is There A Trailer For The Film ‘Heartstopper’ Available?

In fact, on the same day that Netflix revealed the show’s premiere date, the streaming site also released a first glimpse teaser film for the show.

Throughout the short, the focus was on the school lives and time spent together of the main protagonists, as well as the burgeoning sentiments between Nick and Charlie.

In one instance, Charlie’s instructor inquires as to whether Nick is his boyfriend, and in another, Nick considers holding Charlie’s hand while sleeping next to him on a night spent watching a movie.

Heartstopper will be available on Netflix on Friday, April 22nd.

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