Heir of Italy’s last reigning king: Inauguration of new restaurant


Emanuele Filiberto, the only grandson of Umberto II, was dubbed the Prince of Venice by the former King but he did not enter Italy until 2002, due to the exile.

Guess what he did when he returned to his homeland… Try to overthrow Democracy and reinstall Monarchy? Nope. Not that crazy!

He competed in Ballando con le stelle, the Italian version of Dancing with the Stars! And like a good King, he won the battle, i.e. the competition.

Though he has made some controversial comments about bringing back Monarchy, he has made a life of his own aside from politics.

He runs a popular food truck in Los Angeles, called The Prince of Venice, a good use of the title his grandfather gave him. Now he is planning on opening a new restaurant too!

With the end of World War Two, the totalist leader Benito Mussolini, who was also a bit supporter of Hitler, was killed by the resistance fighters (yes, the same people who sang the la casa de panel’s famous Bella Ciao) and the fascist regime came to an end.

As the last attempt by the then king, King Victor Emmanuel III, he appointed his son Umberto II as the monarch in May, then by the June, a referendum was organised and people voted for a democracy and Umberto’s reign came to an end.

Hence, he is popularly known as the May King, and also happened to be the last monarch. He was later exiled to Switzerland, in order to avoid further political confusions. He went on to die in Switzerland itself and of all his grandchildren, only one of them was a boy, and that was Filiberto.

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