Helstrom: Mothers’ True Identity Revealed


Helstrom Season 1 has been one hell of a journey with Mothers’ identity being revealed suggesting that she may actually be a major Marvel Comic Villain. Viewer’s excitement shoot up to a different level.

Viewers were shocked to know that Helstrom’s mother wasn’t the one that she claimed to be. Her true name came to be known as ‘Lily’ and it may indicate that she may actually be Demon Lilith. 

Throughout the first season, Mother’s only goal has to create her own body so that she called independently to stay in the world without other’s existence. 

Her involuntary target was Gabriella Rossetti. Gabriella was forced through Mother’s son Mogoth into an unnatural pregnancy that was only for the span of a day.

As the delivery happened, the child was seen surrounded by demons and was called a monster. The baby was taken charge of by Daimon, who insisted that the baby wasn’t an evil creature. But it was seen that just like the unnatural pregnancy of Gabriella, the child grew up unnaturally fast, one month seemed to ten years for the child. Things started taking a horrifying turn. The story thus kept the audience glued to TV series.

Lilith also provided different origins for herself in the comics. One of them claims she is an angel and her husband Satan. One version shows her as an original inhabitant of the earth, yet another shows her to be the daughter of a chaotic spirit.

Thus, the story was always damn interesting and the second part will be surely taking up the open-ended clues of the first season, given Hulu brings it back.

Till then, I request you guys to keep supporting, we will keep updating you with time.

Love you all!


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