Hercules: Live-Action Movie In Early Production, Who Is On The Team, And More!


Disney has given many of its 20th-century cartoons a modern, live-action twist while some fans love the new ones some prefer the cartoon version more. However, it is a great way to relive our childhood and get that nostalgia when we watch these movies. After the Live-Action movies of the Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and other movies like Mulan and The Little Mermaid coming soon will we see a Live-Action movie for Hercules as well? Let’s find out.

We have been seeing a lot of the movies that we watched in our childhood being made into Live-Action movies or being remade in some other form. Some movies do justice to the classics while some not however, it seems like Hercules will be added to the list as well. As we heard Disney announce that they are going to make a live-action movie for this 90s classic the Hercules

The story for those of you who don’t know follows Hercules as teenage Demigod who sets out to prove himself to the Gods of Mount Olympus. He finds some friends along the way and also his love Meg.

Hercules: Live-Action Movie In Early Production, Who Is On The Team, And More!

When Can We See It and Who Is On The Team

Disney has said the production is in the early stages so we can’t be sure when we will see it. We also don’t know whether the movie will keep the original film’s music elements which were a huge part of the animated movie or will it take a different path. However, we do know that the producers for the movie will be the Russo brothers who have produced films such as Marvel‘s Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. So we can be sure the movie would be one to look out for.

Although there hasn’t been any news about the cast from Disney’s side, we saw many fans on twitter suggesting the cast for the movie and many suggested that the role of Meg should be played by Ariana Grande since there was a video of her performing one of the original songs from the animated movie “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” for The Disney Family Singalong special. She has also said that Hercules is her favorite movie before, so many people want her to play the role of Meg. 

We will know whether or not she plays the role when the cast is revealed until then we can only cross our fingers and hope she gets the role. One more popular choice was Danny DeVito as Phil and the most heated discussion was about who will play the muses. We will let you know more as soon as we get the news. 

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