Here are some clever details from Toy Story that might have gone unnoticed


One of Pixar’s best and most loved films, Toy Story has had three sequels and inspired several TV series. It’s full of witty banter, Easter eggs and some background gems for the appreciation of both children and adults. Read on to find out more!

The cardboard buildings Andy uses to play with his toys sometimes have age-appropriate errors such as ‘skool’ for ‘school’ and ‘generil’ for ‘general’.

Every toy in the film is animated to look like it is made from the materials the actual toys are made of in real life and the details are on point.

Actual board games like Twister and Candy Land, Operation and others can be spotted in the background in Andy’s bedroom, on his shelves and under his bed.

At the beginning of the film, Andy wears a shirt with a cowboy on it and it’s not the only cowboy-themed thing in his room either.

The books on Andy’s shelves have fully fleshed out titles. Some are made up, some are references to Pixar’s short films and at least one is a real-life book – Grimm’s Fairytales.

The shadows and reflections cast by the toys remain accurate throughout the film. An easy detail to miss in an animation film but not, of course, for Toy Story.

Some of the toys have real brand names and accurate logos, like Playskool.

Mr. Potato Head makes a Picasso art reference that Hamm doesn’t understand.

The toy soldiers hide in a plant during the birthday party and it actually has a care tag with proper instructions.

Buzz Lightyear arrives in a gift box which has themed wrapping paper on it.

There’s a Mickey Mouse clock on the wall of Andy’s nursery even though Disney only acquired Pixar later. 

Andy’s mum’s license plate reads ‘A113’ which is a code that appears in almost every Pixar film. This is also the case with Dinoco and the Pizza Planet delivery truck.

Woody calls the claw-worshipping aliens ‘zealots’ – accurate but unexpected for a children’s movie.

Sid’s room is notably darker and more creepy-looking than Andy’s. He has a rug that brings to mind ‘The Shining’ and an interrogation handbook.

There’s a reference to Marie Antoinette in the tea party with the headless dolls.

When Andy’s family is in the car, at one point ‘Hakuna Matata’ from The Lion King plays.


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