Here are some common things you might have noticed in every Harry Potter Movie!!

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Harry Potter series is one of the most popular film franchises and it was not only famous while its release but till date, it is loved by its fans. The first episode of the series was dropped in 2001 and had a total of eight films that ran for almost 10 years. We all know what the story is about and how it plots the young boy Harry Potter who is a wizard. 

If you are a Harry Potter fan then you know it well that all the movies of the series deal with Harry Potter stories but at different ages. The common thing is its familiar rhythm. There are lots of more things which we get to see in every Harry Potter movie. So here we mention some of the common things-

Summers are always miserable for Harry!!

School kids know well the fun everyone has in the summertime as there is no school and we always have an excuse to hang out with friends. But for Harry, it was not the same. He has to spend his summers taking care of Dursleys. We have seen that Harry was being tortured by his uncle Vernon and cousin Dudley. For Harry, school time is best but he has to go to the Dursleys every summer. 

Shock waits while the school year starts!!

We all have witnessed that the school life of Harry is full of dramas. But the most common thing we have seen in each movie about the school is that it always makes a shocking announcement or surprises everyone before the school year starts.

Harry is always in a spot of mystery or controversy!!

Harry was very much famous because of the defeat he gave to Voldemort. But as we know, where there is name and fame there is trouble waiting for you. And the same was for Harry. He always finds himself in the spot where he is the center of attraction either in a controversy or in a mystery. 

Hermione is the support system!!

Hermione is known as the brightest witch of her age and is the best student of Hogwarts. Along with her intelligence, she also has a work ethic which she shows constantly. She was the support system for Harry and Ron as completing their homework was her duty.

Harry experiences or fear a great loss!!

From the very first movie, we have seen that Harry has experienced great loss as he lost his parents when he was a very small kid. Although in almost every movie he faced a great loss or at least had a threat of losing someone.

Harry’s best friends forever!!

No matter what the situation is or what the story is, Ron and Hermione are always by Harry’s side. Harry and Ron get connected at the first meet and they thought that Hermione has an irritating attitude but they build a great bond after some time.

Near-death experience for Harry!!

We have seen that Harry seems to befriend death. It is because he has faced a near to death experience in every movie.

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