Here are the 6 best and worst webisodes of The Office!!

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Worst Episodes:

Gabe’s Podcast (The Podcast Series, 2011): 7.2

In this particular episode, Gabe should be happy that the first episode of his podcast didn’t come in ratings. 

Moreover, the worst part about this episode, to be honest, is Gabe himself.

Lights, Camera, Action (The 3rd Floor Series): 7.1

Was it an attempt to produce a horror movie by Ryan? But we already know that it is going to be bad. In fact, The 3rd Floor series’ premiere is rated the lowest Office webisode. 

Reimbursements (The Mentor Series, 2010): 7.1

It is really bad to see Angela being so sympathetic every time, even in the situations where she is supposed to be a little cold. She is admired, and the episode is not even that bad, but it is also not the most enjoyable for the audience.

Creative Differences (Subtle Sexuality series, 2009): 7

It is a troubling episode revolving around Erin and Kelly’s girls’ group. This episode is a bit off and boring, and it won’t keep you much engaged.

The Replacement (Subtle Sexuality series, 2009): 7

It is also an episode from the Subtle Sexuality series. The episode begins with Kevin with his low-effort humor and performance as compared to what we know from the Office. Although half of the episode is good.

Moving On (The 3rd Floor series, 2010): 6.8

Now, this is the lowest-rated episode which we mentioned earlier from the whole “Office” series. Though it was the first episode of the horror part of the series, and the series moved ahead.

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Best Episodes:

The Memo (The Accountants series, 2006): 7.9

Now, this is the best episode. This episode is filled with action, humor, and some great advice by Kevin and Angela.

Kelly (Blackmail series, 2009): 8

The episode is just about a simple conversation happening between Creed and Kelly. They looked extremely deep-rooted within themselves that they misunderstood each other most of the time.

Stanley (The Accountants series, 2006): 8

The absence of Michael in the episode gave a chance for Stanley to shine, which he really did.

Someone in the Warehouse (The Accountants series, 2006): 8

This episode showcases Angela and how she managed everything for herself the accountants. 

Best Day of My Life (The Accountants series, 2006): 8

This is the final episode which deals with Kevin, Angela, and Oscar.

PayDay (Blackmail series, 2009): 8.6

This is the highest-rated episode and all thanks to all the drama that took place.

Let us know if we have missed something. 


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